End of Lease Car Repairs in BoltonMaybe you’re not worried about your end of lease car repairs in Bolton. You did have a serious dent in the bonnet that broke through the paint. But that was 2 years ago and you got a great deal on the repair including a whole repaint of the bonnet. We suggest you check that paint job very closely in bright sunlight. Sometimes deals are too good to be true. When your lease inspector checks your car he’ll notice an imperfect paint job. Even if it looks good to you, there may be tell-tale signs of a repaint. Any distortion in the colour, peeling of the clear coat or imperfections left behind from sanding will be noticed. There are places you haven’t thought to check for overspray. Your inspector will know where to look.

When you turn in your lease car for inspection with a less than perfect and professional repaint, you won’t fool anyone. In Bolton, end of lease car repairs poorly managed will lower the value of what is no longer your car. They are going to want you to make up that difference with cash. When you bring your lease car to us, any painting we do is by the highest automotive professional paint standards. Cars are perfectly prepped for paint and the paint itself is actually about 5 layers. Each layer is carefully applied, allowed to dry, sometimes lightly sanded between coats and finished with a hard clear coat. There are no shortcuts that you won’t regret. It takes patience to make a paint job look like it just came off the assembly line.

Even if you were very careful at matching the paint, poor quality end of lease car repairs in Bolton requiring paint will be distinguishable. The colour will only match if all the steps are followed. If the depth of colour is off because of shortcuts in the painting process, it will be noticeable. Contact us before you turn it in at the end of your lease. We’ll go over your car to inspect for any damages, imperfections or tell-tale signs of a crash repair. If we see anything we think needs attention, minor or major, we’ll prepare a quote for you free of charge and with no obligation. We’re here if you need us and we know how to give your car a glass finish.

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