Lease Car Repairs in BuryLease car repairs in Bury, when done by an expert team will help you avoid a hefty bill from your lease company. When you lease a vehicle, it becomes your responsibility to keep it in good condition and maintain its value. However, it is completely natural that the vehicle will show signs of wear and tear, and that there might be some cosmetic damages to the vehicle. This is where we can help.  At Glass Finish, we specialise in repairing problem areas such as dents and scratches, bumper scuffs, cracks, and scrapes. We will repair these at a fraction the cost you will be asked by the leasing company.

We offer an independent service and we will allow you the time to consider the different options available and we will not hesitate to offer you free advice. In Bury, lease car repairs carried out by our company will cost you a lot less compared to the leasing company, and we do not just do small repair jobs, but we can also carry out major repair work on the body of the vehicle. Our facility uses the SMART system, and we carry out hundreds of repair jobs every year, and we offer a service that is outstanding. We can collect your vehicle for the repairs and then drop them off once they have been completed if you are unable to bring the vehicle to our facility. Our aim is to treat every vehicle with the care it deserves. You can rest assured that our work is always carried out to the highest standards, and is fully guaranteed. We can work with various makes and models and can provide a full car and van body repair service.

Besides quality lease car repairs in Bury, we also have a full accident repair centre with an expert team at your disposal. If you are interested to find more about our services, contact Glass Finish today. Speak to us about an affordable quote for the repair work. Our expert team will make sure that the vehicle is returned to you looking as good as new.

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