Car Scratch Repairs in Wigan Car scratch repairs in Wigan are the most common bodywork cases. Car scratches can be caused by a wide variety of factors, many of which are accidental. They range from minor stone chips to major accident damage. The biggest challenge when repairing car scratches is matching the original colour tone of the car. Poor quality fixes always stand out because your car ends up with varied tones of paint. This occurs because every paint job experiences some form of degradation when exposed to the sun. However, with the right skills and equipment, you can have a seamless repair that makes your car look good as new. Our system is so good that you will struggle to point out the repair work on your car.

In the past, car scratch repairs needed extensive bodywork that could take a number of days to complete. In Wigan, our car scratch repairs only take a few hours. All our minor repairs are done in our SMART facility. SMART is an acronym for the Small, Medium Areas Repair Technology. The SMART system is an advanced system that uses specialised materials, paint and tools to repair the damaged area. By focusing on the damaged area rather than the entire panel, this system saves time, money and resources. Repair work that would traditionally take a couple of days can now be done in a few hours.

In addition to car scratch repairs in Wigan, we also do several other types of repair work. These include major body repairs, complete car restorations, insurance repairs and car hire or lease repairs. As a family-run business, our aim is to build lasting relationships with our customers. A strong base of happy customers secures the longevity of our business. As such, we offer high-quality services at very competitive prices. We also never pressure our customers to work with us. We offer free no-obligation quotes and give you time to consider other options. This approach is a show of confidence in our quality and service. Contact Glass Finish today to find out more about our services. Our caring and friendly staff will make you feel welcome and appreciated. We are always ready to welcome new members into our family.

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