Car Scratch Repair in WiganFor car scratch repair in Wigan, Glass Finish is your go to body shop. We are perfectionist with the skills and experience to back it up. Whether you need a scratch repair or major bodywork, expect a glass finish. Our name sums up the results of the work we perform. You paid a lot for your car and you’re proud of it so you keep it looking good. When a scratch appears, you want it gone; as in like it was never there. Bring your car to us and your car will be looking new, probably within just a few hours. We use precision tools to sand and fill if the scratch goes through the paint and into the metal. Maybe you’ll be lucky and it will just be a paint scratch. Either way, the paint match and finish will blend perfectly with the original.

It’s unfortunate that so often people ignore scratches on their vehicles. In Wigan, car scratch repair doesn’t take long and is inexpensive if you have it repaired soon. Some are initially enraged at the sight of a scratch but in the busyness of life soon forget about and don’t even see it anymore. But the scratch is still there and one day in the future you will see that and all the other scratches ignored over time. While you’ve been busy so has the exposed metal on your car scratch. Now it’s exposed to oxygen and moisture the metal is turning into rust. We can still repair it so your car looks new; but it’s going to take a little longer and cost a little more.

Each car scratch repair in Wigan, repaired reasonably soon after you notice it, results in many benefits. First, the body of your car will remain looking new with a glass finish. Unsightly rust won’t appear which, if left untreated, will leave holes in your car. Rust will attack the frame too. That’s like throwing money away because nobody is going to buy that car and it’s not worth fixing anymore. Take care of it and you will realise a good resale price. Contact Glass Finish to fix the scratches in your car. Don’t leave an opening for rust to form and spread.

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