Bumper Repairs in ChorleyBumper repairs in Chorley are one of the most common bodywork requests we receive. Even the most cautious of drivers can nick their bumper while manoeuvring through heavy traffic during rush hour. In many cases, drivers or their teenagers have grazed their own garage doors and flower beds while parking their cars after a late night out on the town. Whether you need a light buff or a full on bumper replacement, our company is your best option in town. We offer fast and efficient service at affordable prices. Since we aim to develop relationships and repeat customers, we work at giving you the most cost effective solution for your car.

Whether you have a basic old school truck or a modern luxury car with metallic paint, our skilled team of technicians have you covered. In Chorley, bumper repairs can be expensive if you go to the main dealers. Our garage offers high-quality services at a fraction of the price. It takes a combination of well-trained technicians and state of the art equipment to properly repair a damaged bumper. Whether it is plastic or metallic, attention to detail and a level of perfectionism is necessary. Our team of professionals can make your bumper look as good as new and even you would have trouble pointing out where the dent was. We also have the latest car spraying equipment and a broad spectrum of paint options. Whether you need us to paint the bumper, a single door or the entire car, we can offer you one of the best deals in town.

In addition to bumper repairs in Chorley, we offer top quality alloy wheel repairs and motorbike cosmetics. So if a biker bends your fender, you can both come in and discuss a deal. Contact Glass Finish today to set up an assessment and get a quote for your service concern.  You will enjoy dealing with us because we treat all our customers with the utmost respect. We will guide you through all the work that will be done on your car and help you to understand our process.

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