End of Lease Car Repairs in StandishAvoid turning your lease dream into a nightmare with our top quality end of lease car repairs in Standish at Glass Finish. We help you fix the minor scratches and dents on your leased car before you return it to the leasing company. Most leasing firms impose heavy charges for repairing defects that are not considered to be part of normal wear and tear. Our experienced and expert team can quickly get your vehicle looking fresh and new, without presenting you with a hefty bill. As an independent garage, we are proud of our reputation for premium quality services, affordable pricing and our customer-focused approach. No matter how big or small the problem, we’re glad to help you with it.

Leasing or renting vehicles is gaining huge popularity these days. Generally, the leasing company informs you at least six months ahead of the date that your lease is due to end. In Standish, end of lease car repairs should be done only after checking with the leasing company about extra charges for excess wear and tear. If you’re planning to lease another vehicle from them they may waive some of the charges. In case you were involved in an accident during your lease period, it’s wise to get the repairs done immediately, by a well-established and reputed professional garage. Otherwise, the leasing company may insist that the work has to be redone. Some dealers have a threshold up to which they will absorb damage to the vehicle. Check your contract and also talk to them before you begin repairs.

End of lease car repairs in Standish are expertly done by our team. There is no need to be concerned if your leased car has a few minor scratches when you can rely on our professionalism and attention to detail. For more information about how we can assist you so that you can return the car in a good condition, contact Glass Finish. We are proud to offer quick and efficient repairs, and at an affordable cost.

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