Lease Car Repairs in ChorleyConsider getting lease car repairs in Chorley before turning in your contract vehicle. Perhaps you have scratched your leased vehicle, or someone bumped it while leaving the parking lot? Regardless of the size of the scratch, it is wise to have it repaired before returning your leased car. Each leased car, on its return,  will undergo a careful inspection by the leasing company, and if there is any damage to the vehicle, you will be expected to pay for the repair. To avoid this, bring your leased car to Glass Finish. We will provide quick and efficient vehicle repairs, and at reasonable prices.

We specialise in the repair of bumper scuffs, panel scratches, interior and exterior trims, and alloy wheels. In Chorley, lease car repairs are certainly going to cost you less compared to what the leasing company can charge you. If there are scratches on the returned vehicle, you will be held liable. Most leasing companies will inform you when it is nearing the contract’s end. This means you will have sufficient time to have any scratches or dents repaired before returning the vehicle. Our technicians have an eye for detail and will ensure the car looks as good as new. It’s definitely to your best advantage to wash the vehicle, have all light or deep scratches repaired, change the tyres, and present the vehicle in a good condition.

Avoid all unnecessary issues with the leasing company by getting specialist lease car repairs in Chorley. At Glass Finish, we offer a quick and affordable service to all owners of leased vehicles. For more details about how we can assist you, contact Glass Finish. You can also call us for 24-hour roadside recovery, our team members are fully committed to providing a comprehensive range of excellent services, including stone chip repairs as well as major bodywork.

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