Alloy Wheel Repair in BoltonIf you’re looking for alloy wheel repair in Bolton you may be a bit frantic. You want a professional that understands those wheels didn’t come standard with the car and to replace even one is going to cost you real money. They make the car and you got to have them. We are experts at repairing true alloy wheels. While alloy wheels are a pricey add-on they do look great, are easily customised and give a better ride and better gas mileage. You get improved braking with the design of alloy wheels. If you find yourself in a situation where unusual demand is made on the brakes they are not likely to overheat and fail. Such demanding driving conditions could include treacherous mountain roads or maybe even drifting.  

Our road conditions do serious damage to wheels. In Bolton, alloy wheel repair may be needed due to potholes, road salts and curbs in odd places. Whatever the cause, as long as the wheels are not bent so badly they pose a danger, even after repair, we can probably save them for you. Another reason for alloy wheel repair is the toll that time takes. The wheels don’t look new anymore. We can repaint them or paint them a different colour and polish to like new. First we get rid of the scrapes, dings and scratches. If you want the wheels left natural metal, wheel polishing will make them sparkle. We can fix one or refurbish all four; whatever you need.

We work to perfection for alloy wheel repair in Bolton. That’s also true for bodywork and paint or refurbishing the finish of your motorcycle. When we’re done we want that finish to look smooth as glass. That takes dedication and tenacity; it means applying the fine sanding for another hour or two, getting the paint blended just right and making sure there’s no over spray or drip marks. Yet, we are remarkably affordable. We can certainly make your alloy wheels look like new again for far less than actual new wheels would cost. Contact Glass Finish and come see for yourself some of the work we’ve completed. We strive for perfection because customers expect perfection regardless of the price. It’s only right to meet those expectations.

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