Bumper Repair in StandishRestore your vehicle’s original look with top-quality bumper repair in Standish. At Glass Finish, we’re proud of our workmanship, cost-effective services and customer-centric approach. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. Most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from delighted clients. We provide fast and affordable car body repair for any make and model of vehicle. We offer a range of bumper repairs, stone chip repairs, minor or heavy damage caused by accidents, scratches repairs, and much more. Our team of highly-skilled, trained and experienced technicians can ensure that we return a pristine, as good as new vehicle to you. Car bumpers are especially prone to being damaged and this is their real purpose. A slight misjudgement, wrong turn, scrape or touch of a passing vehicle can cause scratches, cracks, dents or more serious damage. Sometimes the entire bumper can work loose and create a safety hazard.

Modern vehicle bumper repair jobs consist of sealing the crack or break, sanding, sculpting and repainting. In Standish, bumper repairs are best done by specialists. Some clients wonder whether this is a job that can be easily undertaken by DIY enthusiasts as there are several bumper repair kits available in the market. However, we recommend that to get a lasting, thorough and effective repair done, it’s best to entrust it to a trained professional. It’s important to get your vehicle examined if you’ve ever been in an accident, no matter how minor it was. Though most modern bumpers are lightweight, made of plastic with steel framework backing, they also get damaged more extensively. Older models of cars had steel and chrome bumpers which would get dented and could be repaired with tinkering work.

In case you are returning a hired or leased vehicle, it’s wise to get bumper repair in Standish beforehand. Otherwise you may end up paying very high end of lease charges for damage not categorised as fair wear and tear. For assistance with car bumper repair, contact Glass Finish.  Leasing companies usually insist that such repairs should only be carried out by a reputed repairer who can provide warranties for materials and workmanship.

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