Car Body Repair in ChorleyIf you want your car to look like new again our car body repair in Chorley can carry out the task affordably and quickly. Cars are dented and scratched all the time and this opens the car body to rust. When the car is new it is painted with a rust protector which is covered by the paint. This protects the body of the car which is usually made of ferrous metal. This is metal with a high iron content and iron, although strong and durable, is prone to rust attack. Scratches and dents leave the metal open to the air where it can oxidise. Once the rust gets under the paint it can carry on eating away at the car body until it is removed.

Fender benders are commonplace and do not normally affect the roadworthiness of your car. In Chorley, car body repair is not only aesthetic. Having all the dents and scratches on your car removed will increase the resale value of your car. If you have hired a car and have had a few minor mishaps then we are the company that can help you save costs. The rental company will send it to a repair shop and you will pay for the damage. You have no control over the price whereas with us you know exactly how much it will cost with nothing further added on.

We can have your car looking like new and can even remove dents in plastic bumpers. It is so much easier today to just replace the parts as they are freely available at a price. Contact Glass Finish today and we can save you a ton of money by fixing the problem instead of just changing parts and throwing away a part which can be repaired. We feel this disposable attitude is wasteful and bad for the environment. Older cars have very strong bodies and these can be repaired time and time again. We also repair alloy wheels which tend to get damaged easily.

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