Alloy Wheel Repair in WiganInstead of replacing your scratched and damaged wheels, alloy wheel repair in Wigan can make them look new again. In the automotive industry, alloy wheels are made of aluminium or magnesium alloy. They are a mixture of metals and generally provide greater strength than pure metals which are often much softer and ductile. Another benefit is that they are considerably lighter than other metal wheels and provide better heat conduction. They are, of course, beautiful and add character to a car. Although steel is the most common material used to make wheels and is an alloy of iron and carbon, the term alloy wheels usually refers to wheels made from non-ferrous metals.

All wheels are prone to dents and scratches but in Wigan, alloy wheel repair can remove the marks and damage. The lighter wheels can improve handling by reducing unsprung mass. For this reason they are often found on high performance vehicles. They allow the suspension to follow the terrain more closely and thus improve grip. More open wheel design can help dissipate heat from brakes which improves braking performance. Alloys allow the use of attractive bare metal finishes which are sealed with paint or wheel covers.  Some alloy wheels will start to corrode after 3 – 5 years and will need replacement or repair. The manufacturing process allows for intricate and bold designs.

We specialise in alloy wheel repair in Wigan which allows us to refurbish your vehicles alloy wheels. We repair scrapes and scratches and offer wheel polishing and painting. Contact Glass Finish15 today to make an appointment to have your car’s paint scratches and chips removed.  If you have hired a car and there have been a few small incidents the rental company will charge you for repairs. This will be expensive but we offer an affordable service for repairing minor damage to rental cars before they are returned. We are qualified to do total resprays on cars and motorbikes and can carry out light and heavy body restoration on almost all vehicles. We can customise the paint job on your motor bike or just touch up the paintwork after a spill.

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