Motorhome Body Repair in BoltonGet holiday-ready with our top-quality motorhome body repair in Bolton at Glass Finish. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians will soon have your motorhome back on the road. Ours is a family-run business, and that’s why we provide our clients with the best of both worlds. Traditional values combined with cutting-edge technology, products and information. Based in Bolton, our services extend throughout the North West and beyond. We offer excellent and affordable complete services for car and van body repairs. What customers value about our services is that we offer a free, no-obligation quote and free advice with no strings attached.

For vehicle owners in Bolton, motorhome body repair doesn’t include just accident repair. We also undertake minor fault repairs using our SMART technology. These include repairs of bumper and wheel scuffs, bumper cracks, and scrapes, paintless dent removal, stone chips, paint scratches and more. If your motorhome has been in storage over the winter, it needs a thorough overhaul before you plan a trip. This would include engine servicing etc, but equally important, it needs to look and feel great on the road. A thorough cleaning helps to identify cracks, dents and other damage that may be more serious than you know.

A maintained motorhome can last for years with timely motorhome body repair in Bolton. Our technicians will also conduct a water ingress inspection, especially if yours is an older vehicle. Look out for rust in bodywork and cracks that enable water seepage. These may appear to be minor problems but they can cause large-scale damage if left unattended. If you have damaged paintwork, opt for a fresh new sprayed-on coat. Holes or cracks can be filled, including those in fibre-glass and metal. We can repair dents and scuffs with our paintless repair services. If the bumper isn’t broken, split or bent, we can repair it as long as we feel it doesn’t compromise your safety.  Contact Glass Finish for more information and advice. We can also undertake expert repair services for fibreglass bodies.

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