Dent Removal in Westhoughton For quick, efficient, affordable dent removal in Westhoughton, get professional help. PDR (paintless dent removal) is a modern innovation that comes to your rescue if your vehicle suffers a dent. It could be a tiny, barely noticeable crease, a ding or stone chip scuff. Or it could be a small dent in the bumper or door panel. Whatever the cause, no one likes to drive a vehicle that looks shabby and uncared for. We use state of the art equipment, products and tools, combined with our years of expertise and training to return your vehicle to you in showroom condition. We work our magic usually within a day. If the job can be completed soon enough, you can drop your car off on your way to work and pick it up on the way back.

Apart from dent repair, we undertake a comprehensive range of car and van body repair services. In Westhoughton, dent removal services that we provide can restore your car’s good looks. This is especially useful if you plan to sell it down the line. If yours is a leased vehicle, it’s a good idea to have dents repaired before the end of term. Leasing agencies generally charge hefty penalties for the slightest damage. We also offer free, independent and objective advice that helps you to evaluate your options. Our clients appreciate our friendly and frank approach to every project we undertake. Being a family run business, we strive to maintain close ties with the communities we serve.

Dent removal in Westhoughton undertaken by our expert technicians helps you to save money, effort and time. You may even have insurance coverage for the procedure, so that would be a huge advantage. Our experienced technicians at Glass Finish have the necessary training and tools to complete the job to perfection. Contact us today for assistance. Thus, choosing a professional dent repair service is a smart move. No matter how big or small the dent, unless you have the experience, skills and equipment, it’s wiser not to DIY. Hence, you could end up doing more damage. In some cases, the dent may hide deeper damage underneath, and only a trained eye can spot that.

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