End of Lease Car Repairs in WesthoughtonConsider end of lease car repairs in Westhoughton at Glass Finish to make the transition trouble free. What you really don’t want when you turn in the car to the leasing agency is surprise expenses. Do you remember the day you picked the car up? The agent with his clipboard walked around and noted any imperfections in the body of the car. Few people do remember that. Well, the leasing agent still has that checklist. You won’t be able to fool them into thinking those new dents were there when you leased the car; not that you would. The other thing you don’t want is to pay for the repair of dents and scratches based on their cost quotes. Bring your car to us. We’ll make the needed repairs and most likely for less money.

We’re a full service body shop equipped with the latest technology and skilled technicians. In Westhoughton, end of lease car repairs that are minor can be fixed using paintless dent removal. This is a very inexpensive solution and our team are gifted in the technique. If you have an unfortunate experience and the damage is greater we can make those repairs to a perfect glass finish. So often body shops’ method of repair is full replacement. There’s a large dent and scratching in the door, bumper or fender so they just order a new one. Then they finish the job with matching paint. That is an expensive solution. Depending on your insurance and deductible, you may not want to go with that method.

For your end of lease car repairs in Westhoughton, our techs can remove the dent and match the paint leaving a glass finish in its place. One of the secrets to achieving those results is patience. There are multiple steps and we don’t skip any of them. Contact Glass Finish if you are at the end of your lease. We’ll access any dents and scratches and offer options with price quotes. You’ll choose which, if any of our options, will best suit your situation. You will know what the cost for repairs will be to you. If you choose to turn the car back to the leasing agent as is, you can do that. However, depending on the degree of damage, it could be a financial unknown.

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