Lease Car Repairs in ParboldLease car repairs in Parbold can come as a surprise to you when it’s time to turn in your car. What you consider normal wear and tear may be defined as damage by the lease agency. Minor scratches and pings, scuffed bumpers and those worn looking wheels. Dents are sometimes difficult to spot unless the light is just right and small creases too. It’s likely the lessor will spot them. The result could end up costing you a significant amount of money when you turn your car in. The lease company has to arrange to make those repairs before they can sell it for top price so they’re going to charge you. They won’t be trying to save you any money and their repair shop won’t be trying to save them any money. There’s a good chance those repairs are going to cost top prices.

You don’t want to pay those top prices and at Glass Finish, we may be able to help you avoid doing so. For those in Parbold, lease car repairs with us may be quickly and easily repaired. We are a full service body shop but we don’t always have to pound out dents and creases to fix them like new. Neither do we have to sand down and repaint your bumper or passenger door to remove scratches and scuffs. Those wheels don’t necessarily have to be replaced or repainted. If the paint is not cracked down to the metal, we can buff out scratches and pop out dents and creases. These repairs don’t require paint, new parts or intensive labour, so the cost is low by comparison to major body work. We can usually complete the work in one day and you can then turn in your lease car in near perfect condition.

Glass Finish welcomes lease car repairs in Parbold at our SMART repair facility. Some statistics claim that up to 40% of auto body repairs will fall into the Small to Medium Auto Repair Technology (SMART) category. We service the whole North West with a comprehensive range of auto body repair services. Contact Glass Finish and schedule your lease car in for an evaluation. We’ll let you know if SMART services are the best and most cost efficient solution to save money on lease car repairs. There is no obligation and you don’t have to make a spot decision. We may have other options to offer you that will better serve you.

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