Lease Car Repairs in BoltonThere are several schools of thought regarding lease car repairs in Bolton. Most people agree it’s best to take care of any repairs before turning in the car. Generally speaking, it will cost you less if you find your own repair provider. If you turn the car in and leave the repair costs to the lessor, you will likely be billed at a higher rate. You are going to pay either way. The only question is how much. Let’s say your lease term is 3 years. Some will want to get any minor damages like dents and scratches repaired right away. Others, are not bothered by the light damage and figure there will be more before the lease expires. They prefer to wait until it’s almost time to turn in the car. That’s when they will have all the dents, dings, scratches, paint touch-ups and buffing done.

The only argument against waiting until near the lease end to make repairs is, the damage may worsen over time. In Bolton, lease car repair to breaks in the paint that go down to the metal will prevent the start and spread of rust. It may only be a short scratch, but if it’s deep enough, it’s subject to rust. At Glass Finish, we can still make the repair even if rust has begun to show. Whichever way you prefer to handle end of lease repairs, you want skilled professionals undertaking the work. When our Glass Finish techs finish your repairs, it’s like it never happened.

Lease car repairs in Bolton are undertaken by talented perfectionists. Their skills are further enhanced by specialised tools and technologies. Paint is perfectly matched and finished to a glass finish. That takes time and patience which we possess. We don’t skip any steps. We are a family owned and operated business. That means every car that goes out of our shop is an advertisement that we depend on for our livelihood. We can’t afford to do sloppy work. Contact us and schedule your lease car in for repairs. Our prices are very competitive; especially when compared to dealers and franchise repair shops. We do our own work and we guarantee your satisfaction. Choose Glass Finish for your auto body repairs.

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