bumper repairs in LeighDon’t neglect bumper repairs in Leigh, even if they seem minor. You may not notice some of the scuffs and scratches on your bumper until you wash your car. We can remove those scuffs and scratches on your bumper as well as the rest of your car’s body. Some of the scratches may have penetrated the paint layers. It’s especially important to fix those because once water and oxygen gets at the underlying metal, rust takes hold. In fact, if you look close, it’s likely you can find several pinpoint spots of rust on your bumper or car body. Those are easily and affordably repaired without replacing the whole bumper or repainting the whole car.

Minor collisions most often are the cause of bumper damage that needs repair. That’s okay because in Leigh, bumper repairs means your bumper prevented more extensive damage .That is what a bumper is designed to do. Your bumper is designed to give when hit because drivers tend to run into each other’s car and other stationary objects. That leaves a mark; sometimes a big one. But we can make it look new again and the paint will match perfectly. Better still, the area won’t rust. We are a full service body shop. If your bumper takes a big hit and has to be replaced, we can fit another and paint it so your car will look like new. Most of the time, we can make the repair and not just so it looks like new; it will also function like new.

Bumper repairs in Leigh can be completed in as little as one day using our SMART repair facility.  We offer free, no obligation quotes for same day service to repair bumper scrapes, chipped paint, small paintless dent removal, cracks, and scrapes. We are a family-run business, therefore customer satisfaction is critical to our livelihood. We take pride in a job well done and doing so at affordable prices. Our customers come to us from throughout the North West and over the years have built an enviable client list. Contact us to make your bumper look like new again. Since we are an independent body repair shop, we can offer different options as solutions to your bumper repairs.

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