End of Lease Car Repairs in ChorleyEnd of lease car repairs in Chorley are your responsibility. When you lease a car, maintenance, servicing and repairs are part of your agreement throughout the term of the lease. If you return the car to the leasing company with damage, they will charge you for the repairs. The dents, dings and scratches may be minimal or major. You either have to schedule the bodywork done with a shop of your choosing or pay the leasing company whatever amount they determine you owe. The leasing company is not shopping around for the lowest price repair shop and passing the savings along to you. So, you might want to look into securing a body shop on your own to make the repairs. Chances are, you will be saving yourself money by making repair arrangements yourself.

Our family owned body shop is staffed by perfectionists. We have the patience, skills and up to date technology for, in Chorley, end of lease car repairs. You may find our prices are lower than many shops. As an example, let’s say you have a dent the size of a baseball and a 4 inch scratch in the left quarter panel of the lease car. If the leasing agent arranges the repairs, their shop may just replace the left quarter panel rather than make repairs. Then it will be painted to match the rest of the car. That is going to be a sizeable repair charge to pay and you won’t even know if they did a good job. Our techs can repair any size dent and make scratches disappear leaving a smooth glass finish behind.

End of lease car repairs in Chorley by Glass Finish are guaranteed to equal the quality of the original manufacturer. Since that quality is perfection, we recognise that we are making a bold claim. However, we stand behind that claim because we have proven over and over again that we can keep that promise and at a competitive rate. We invite you to contact Glass Finish for more details. If you have an end of lease car with damage, we provide a free, no obligation quote for the repairs. You can check, but we expect our prices will be lower than what the leasing company will charge you for returning the car without repairs.

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