Car Scratch Repair in BoltonCar scratch repair in Bolton is almost impossible to avoid. You may keep your car garaged, park in the way back of the parking lot and travel only on paved roadways. But then, one day as you approach your car you see it. A long scratch diagonal across the rear quarter panel. You try to figure out where and how that could have possibly happened. There’s just no way to know and even if you think you know, there’s nothing to be done. You either have to fix it or live with it. Since you don’t want water and road salt working on the scratch to turn into a rusty hole, you visit a few body shops. They all want a week to ten days and a whole lot of money. After all, they have to remove, repair and repaint the whole quarter panel in order to fix that six-inch scratch.

We have a better idea that will make that scratch disappear without a trace for a lot less time and money. In Bolton, car scratch repair for small repair work is carried out using our SMART repair facility. Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) makes it possible for trained technicians to repair a localised area on the body of your car without having to repaint the whole panel. We can usually accomplish the repair within a day. The process is far less labour intensive, much quicker and therefore much less expensive. The result is like the scratch never happened. Paint matching is exact. You are not sacrificing quality by taking advantage of SMART technology.

We undertake car scratch repair in Bolton, small and large. If a scratch is too long and deep for SMART repair, we can still fix it to a glass finish. Our repair centre is fully equipped and staffed with highly trained and experienced body repair technicians. From small dents and scratches to full body restoration, we are the experts. Contact us for a free no obligation quote you can count on. We set a high standard and can promise your car will look good as new when we’re finished. If we feel you have more than one option, which is often the case, we’ll present them all to you. Customer satisfaction is always our main goal.

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