Car Scratch Repair in ChorleyFor car scratch repair in Chorley, bring your car to us at Glass Finish. We get the job done right. Don’t fall for that do-it-yourself stuff because there’s more to fixing a scratch than dabbing on a little closely matched paint. There are three layers of paint on your car and then a coat of wax. How we fix the scratch depends on how deep the scratch goes. If you just add some paint and buff it out, a close inspection will reveal your handiwork. Even when nobody notices it right away, they eventually will if the scratch is down to the metal. That spot will start to rust. If you don’t notice, it will spread like a cancer. 

Scratches and dings are inevitable on your new car. Stones get kicked up by your own car and others on the roadway. They hit at a high enough speed to leave a mark and for those in Chorley, car scratch repair is recommended. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell the car and then try to get all the dings and scratches covered up. The only way we could do that is repaint the whole car. A few here and there is not a big deal or a big cost. The reason it matters is your car paint protects your car from rust. It’s not just to make it look good. So when the scratches start to add up so do the rust spots. 

Car scratch repair in Chorley at Glass Finish will be quick, prevent rust and nobody will be able to spot the repaint. It takes patience and a little time to do the job perfectly and that’s the only way we know how to work. So contact us if you get a scratch on your rental car, your boss’ car or your mum’s car. From small shallow scratches to a whole quarter panel keyed by some vandal, we promise a perfect finish. We will create a perfect match to your current paint, which may be somewhat faded since it left the assembly line. That’s why you can’t buy paint to match off the store shelf.

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