End of Lease Car Repairs in BuryOur team can take the worry out of end of lease car repairs in Bury. Maybe you’ve been driving your lease car for three years and it’s time to turn it back in. Looking at it with your eyes, you don’t notice any body damage. You have not had any accidents or even a fender bender during your lease period. But, when you look at the body of the car with the eyes of the lease company representative, you see multiple small damage spots that haven’t registered with you before. You never use the passenger side door so you haven’t noticed the chips in the door edge. The edges of the bonnet are susceptible to the same damage.

Three years of use show on a car in a lot of little ways that can cost you money when you turn in your lease car. For our customers in Bury, end of lease car repairs is a speciality of ours. Leasing companies may hit you with damage charges when you turn your car in. You knew how much money you needed to pay upfront when you leased the car and you knew what the monthly payments would be for three years. The end of lease costs are an unknown. We have a talented team of technicians and we can give your lease car a smooth, like-new finish whether the damage is minor or major. Scrapes, chips, dents and scratches will disappear under our care.

We can undertake those end of lease car repairs in Bury for less than the leasing company will charge you. So, before you turn your lease car in, contact Glass Finish. We can go over the whole body of the car with you and estimate the cost of any major damage or the small scrapes, scratches and dings. The end result will be the same; your lease car will show no damage and no evidence of repair. Our rates are competitive but our attention detail is superior. It takes knowledge and skill to repair the body of a car so it looks perfect again. Our team has that to spare. Don’t worry about those unknown end of lease charges. We’ve got you covered.

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