Bumper Repairs in BoltonFor bumper repairs in Bolton, rely on our experts at Glass Finish. They’re called bumpers for a reason after all so expect a few bumps, dings, dents and scratches. It’s very expensive to replace a bumper so except for extreme damage, ask us first about repairs. Bumpers serve the purpose of insulating your car against impact if it comes in contact with another object. They absorb the shock which reduces and often completely avoids, damage to the structure of the car. That keeps you, the driver safer. We see a lot of cars going down the roadways with dented bumpers. Drivers might not know that the dented bumper may not perform as intended, placing their car and themselves at greater risk.

Every exterior part on your car serves a purpose and impacts to some degree the way the car handles. Therefore, in Bolton, bumper repairs should be carried out as quickly as possible. Nobody does it better than we do. Most bumpers today are made of plastic but don’t be disdainful of that. The various plastics provide shock absorption on a par with metal but without the weight or the high cost of metal parts. Instead of pounding out dents and sanding down metal, putting in filler and re-chroming the whole bumper we need only a nitrogen plastic welder in skilled hands. Doesn’t that sound a lot cheaper than sending it out to be re-chromed? It is cheaper, looks perfect on completion and it won’t rust. We heat the damaged plastic and smooth the bumper back to pre-accident condition.

When we do bumper repairs in Bolton, the car looks like new; at least the bumper does. The repairs are actually more complex than we make it sound simply because we have to consider the protection of surrounding parts while we work. But the important thing to know is that your repaired bumper will once again serve the purpose for which it was intended. Contact us today for expert bumper repairs. Over the last ten years, we’ve built a reputation for perfection in bodywork regardless of where it is on your car. That includes major body damage. We can give you back a glass finish on your car.

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