End of Lease Car Repairs in ChorleyWe specialise in end of lease car repairs in Chorley as we know damage to cars is unavoidable during everyday use. We ensure that not only are the scratches removed but that there are no traces of them ever being there. Some cheap repair paint can cover the scratches and from a distance, the car appears unblemished but up close the scratches stand out. They are also not protecting the car from rust damage as our expert work does. Using a cheap remedy may look fine for a short while but the paint will eventually blister around the scratch as the rust takes hold. This may then have to be removed before paint repair can take place and will prove more costly than a simple scratch repair.

Parking your car in a car park or on the street can result in scratches to your cars body. In Chorley, end of lease car repairs should be taken care of before the vehicle is returned. Everyday travelling along any road may throw up stones and can chip the paintwork on your vehicle. Shrubs near a driveway can scratch the paint. There are many causes of paint damage but we are expert at repairing them. Scratches should never be left on a car as they can rust and cause damage underneath the paint. Our prices are very reasonable and having scratches repaired will decrease the amount you may be charged by the hire company.

We can have your car looking like new and can provide end of lease car repairs in Chorley. It is so much easier today to just replace the parts as they are freely available at a price. Contact Glass Finish today and we can save you a lot of money by fixing the problem instead of just changing parts and throwing away a part which can be repaired. We feel this disposable attitude is wasteful and bad for the environment. We are an established company that has nearly 10 years of experience in all types of car body repairs. We also repair alloy wheels which tend to get damaged easily. Our technicians are highly specialised and professional and we use environmentally friendly paint.

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