Car Scratch Repair in ChorleyWhen you need top-quality car scratch repair in Chorley, get in touch with the specialists. At Glass Finish, we live up to our name, no matter how big or small the problem. Our highly-trained, experienced team can help you with the complete range of car body repairs, alloy and bumper repairs and more. You may need to fix car scratches on a brand new car to keep it looking showroom-fresh, or you may need to get rid of scratches on the paintwork of your leased vehicle. Many customers get bodywork/scratch repairs done when they plan to sell the car. Whatever the reason, and whatever the make or model, we’re glad to be of assistance.

Apart from the annoyance and unsightliness, if left unattended, scratches can pave the way for the entry of rust and lead to deeper corrosion and damage. In Chorley, car scratch repairs undertaken by us are professional and match the best industry standards. If there are many deep scratches, it’s best to get a repair done immediately. As a reliable, local, bodywork shop in Chorley, Horwich, Bolton, Wigan, the surrounding areas and beyond, we provide fast, high-quality, affordable services for repairs and body works. Bodywork services that we offer include respraying, minor/major damage repairs, dent/scratch repairs, bumper and alloy wheel repairs and complete panel replacement. Once we conduct a thorough survey, we can tell you exactly what needs to be done, along with transparent pricing and a time schedule. We ensure that we keep your unique needs, preferences and budget in mind when we give you a quotation. We don’t proceed with work unless we get a clear go-ahead from a customer and there are no hidden charges on our invoices.

Deep scratches cut through all the layers, that’s why you need professional assistance for car scratch repairs in Chorley. For professional car scratch repairs, contact Glass Finish. The factory paint finish is made of three layers with numerous sub-layers in each category: a primer or corrosion-proofing, colour coat and the clear lacquer coat. If yours is a special colour, it may have additional layers too.

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