End of Lease Car Repairs in WesthoughtonEnd of lease car repairs in Westhoughton can save you a lot of money. If you’ve been driving your lease car for three years and you’ve been notified your lease is coming to an end, go out and closely scrutinise every square inch of the car. The lease company is going to charge you for any damage they consider to be greater than normal use. If you show up with bald tyres, cracked windshield and dented bumpers, you will need to pay for the repairs. The cost charged by the leasing company to cover those repairs is usually high.

Over the course of the car lease, some body damage is inevitable. In Westhoughton, end of lease car repairs by our team will cost considerably less than your leasing company body shop. Put yourself in control and let us manage the repairs for you so you know exactly what it’s going to cost you. By using our services, you will know exactly how much the repairs will cost. Alloy wheels are good looking but they get pitted just as your bumper does from the stones kicked up on the roadways. If the damage is excessive they leasing company may ask you to pay for replacements. At Glass Finish, we can repair them.

End of lease car repairs in Westhoughton include the dents and scratches everyone gets from parking lots and roadways. Some of the scratches may not even penetrate past the top layer of paint. We can eliminate those usually with just a good detailing clean. For deeper scratches, we touch them up and buff them out, matching the paint exactly. Some dents, if they’re deep may need extra effort but many can be pulled out without leaving a ripple. If the dent breaks the paint we’ll match it and leave a smooth as glass finish. Contact Glass Finish and schedule your car in for us to look over with you. We’ll give you a free quote with no surprise ending and you will get to surprise your leasing agent with the stunning condition of your return lease.

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