Alloy Wheel Repair in WesthoughtonAlloy wheel repair in Westhoughton can be a difficult undertaking and you naturally want the job done right. Glass Finish specialises in alloy wheel refurbishments. You paid more for alloy wheels for several reasons. The lighter weight than steel results in better braking, turning, acceleration and overall better road handling. Your gas mileage will be a little better and they’re easier to clean. Because they’re an alloy of aluminium and magnesium, they don’t rust and corrode like steel. That’s all good stuff but you probably chose alloy wheels because nothing else looks as magnificent as the classy design of alloys. You’ve got a great looking car and only mags are good enough to complete the look.

Alloy wheels do have one drawback aside from their higher cost; they’re not as strong as steel. For drivers in Westhoughton, alloy wheel repair is likely to be necessary eventually if you drive on local roads. One Multihog can do just so much to fill the potholes. They are a fact of driving life and driving over potholes can damage your alloy wheels. Generally, but not always, the damage is cosmetic so if the wheels are starting to show wear, bring them to us at Glass Finish for refurbishment. When the wheels look worn it detracts from the appearance of the whole car. We can make them look like new again. I

If you unexpectedly hit a deep pothole at speed your alloy wheel repair in Westhoughton may be more extensive but definitely fixable. Our paint and body work service at Glass Finish is well established and staffed by professional technicians. We offer a full range of paint and body work for your car, bumpers and wheels. Along with alloy wheel repairs we also attend to wheel scrapes and scratches. Wheel polishing to a high shine and wheel painting with environmentally safe paints are additional services. Contact Glass Finish when you want that new alloy wheel look again. Our rates are reasonable and if you bought alloy wheels for their grand good looks then it’s worth a little care to keep them looking smart.

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