End of Lease Car Repairs in BoltonOur experts can help you with your end of lease car repairs in Bolton. You may not have noticed those chips and dings as they occurred over the last three years. When the time comes to turn in your lease and pay the piper for any damages, it’s like somebody turned a spotlight on your car. Suddenly you see every little flaw in technicolour and you know each one is going to add to your cost to escape the lease. Maybe your life is defined by Murphy’s Law so you’re not surprised that just weeks before your lease is up some moron keyed the passenger side door leaving a long ugly scratch in the paint. All that after three years of conscientious maintenance, keeping the mileage down and banning smokers from your car. If you don’t want to buy this car then trust Glass Finish to make those paint blemishes disappear.

You’re probably thinking that the entire body of the car will have to be repainted so the paint will match. For our team in Bolton, end of lease car repairs is an art form and we are confident in our talent. A light touch with sandpaper and gently feathered edges, original paint mixtures carefully applied in steps and the scratch disappears. The finish work tells the tale and we don’t skimp on the process. The wet sanding and clear coating steps are carried out to perfection. The final buffing of the paint job along with the entire body of the car brings it all together into a beautiful glass finish shine.

End of lease car repairs in Bolton are worth the effort and the cost is likely more than offset by the savings of those end of lease fees. Our prices are reasonable and our work is guaranteed to satisfy.  Whatever your body repair work needs are, our team is up to the task. Contact Glass Finish or pay us a visit and see the quality of our work. You may be in love with your old car but imagine the joy of making the body look as good as it runs. We can do that for you.

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