Car Body Repair in StandishYou didn’t expect to be looking for car body repair in Standish when you left home this morning. Life’s little hair pin turns, like getting broadsided by another car on your way to work, always take us by surprise. It’s an old car and your insurance company won’t be covering the repairs so you have three choices; fix it, junk it or drive it the way it is. We suggest you bring the car to us before you decide. The reason it costs so much to repair damage is nobody wants to fix the damaged area. In our scenario, the whole passenger side door is caved in but the framework isn’t bent. Most repair shops are going to source a new door, install it and paint it. They may tell you the whole car will need repainting for the paint to match.

Most insurance companies will not cover the high cost of door replacement and repaint on an old car. So, the car is crashed and in Standish, car body repair if you want it is up to you. Our technicians are talented and patient enough to tease out the dents and sculpt the door surface so it looks like new. We don’t leave ripples that show up when you look at it sideways. The finished results depends on the initial preparation and in the business of car body repair, patience is as important as skill. When the time comes to paint the car after repair, we have precision painters utilising the latest technology to match the new door paint to the cars existing paint. It’s likely we won’t have to paint the whole car.

The peculiar thing about car body repair in Standish is the amount of time, talent and labour that goes into a repair. Yet, it’s usually less expensive than a quick door exchange. You really get your money’s worth when you bring your car to us for major body damage repair or for minor dents and scratches. We are painstakingly conscientious about doing an excellent job for our customers. We know because since we established our business ten years ago we’ve experience steady growth, especially from customer referrals. Contact us when you need car body work performed to perfection. We can show you examples of the quality of our work. The finished product is like glass.

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