Bumper Repair in ChorleyIf you need bumper repair in Chorley we offer repairs for both plastic and metal bumpers. The bumpers are one of the areas on a car that are most often damaged. Thankfully we have expert craftsmen who can repair them. Bumpers are often damaged when one is unexpectedly forced to stop suddenly and a car behind you cannot stop in time. The dents are unsightly and if the bumper is made of metal it can rut where the paint has cracked and come off.  We also repair dents of all sizes on all models of cars and our technicians combine an eye for detail with the latest technology for superb results. We offer a wide range of services such as scratch removals for those small and irritating marks that appear on your car when you go shopping. We have the equipment and experts to respray your car if needed.

Repairing certain parts of a car can be purely cosmetic. In Chorley, plastic bumpers can sustain dents but it will not affect the working of the vehicle. However it will look unsightly and will drop the resale value of the car. Many garages will opt for replacing the damaged bumper rather than repairing it and this could be a very costly exercise. We keep your car looking great at a fraction of the price that replacement parts would cost.

We can have your car looking like new and can even provide plastic bumper repair in Chorley. It is so much easier today to just replace the parts as they are freely available, but at a price. Contact Glass Finish today and we can save you a lot of money by fixing the problem instead of just changing parts and throwing away a part which can be repaired. We feel this disposable attitude is wasteful and bad for the environment. We are an established company that has nearly 10 years of experience in all types of car body repairs from scratches to full car body restoration.   Older cars have very strong bodies and these can be repaired time and time again. We also repair alloy wheels which tend to get damaged easily. Our technicians are highly specialised and professional and we use environmentally friendly paint.


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