Car Scratch Repair in WiganPerhaps it’s time to schedule car scratch repair in Wigan. Take a close look at your car from all sides. Remember when you first got your car and you deliberately took up two parking spots so other cars wouldn’t ding yours while opening their doors? You likely don’t even know where most of the scratches on your car came from. Some are caused by stones kicked up while driving. Others are from others squeezing past your car with baby strollers, ladders or tools. If you park on the street at home because your garage is full of stuff, neighbourhood kids playing around may cause scratches.

Wherever they came from, they’re there now. Look closely and you may see why in Wigan, car scratch repair is needed. Some of those scratches are starting to rust and the rust is creeping under the edges of the paint. It’s all very tiny and difficult to spot but it won’t be for long. The paint around the scratch will develop hairline cracks in several directions fanning out from the scratch, water seeps under and rust has a foot hold. Left unattended the scratches turn into patches of rust that eat through the car’s body. If you want to keep your car looking new or if you’d like it to look new again, bring it to us at Glass Finish and we’ll make those scratches disappear along with surface rust.

When we undertake car scratch repair in Wigan, the breach is sealed, the area is sanded smooth as glass so the repair blends into the body and the area is then painted. That’s where some car owners get nervous. Even though we may be talking about a miniscule scratch car owners worry the paint will not match. If the sun hits the car just right, they think the repair will show. Contact Glass Finish or pop in and see some samples of our work. You’ll see, the paint will match and it won’t show due to a dull finish. The finish will blend perfectly. Your car will look like new and now the body is going to last longer too.

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