Car Scratch Repair in BoltonCar scratch repair in Bolton can make a car look like new again. Whether it is small cosmetic damage or large scrapes and gouges in your car, we can hide all traces of it. A car can get scratched quite easily, often from low-hanging branches or ground-level shrubbery. If you have excitable young children or pets, this is another common cause of minor scrapes and scratches. Loose stones and other debris on the road can also cause scratches when thrown up by the tyres. Road accidents and malicious damage often result in more severe scratches, which sometimes need panel beating or other bodywork in addition to scratch repair remedies in order to look new again. We can assess the damage and prescribe and administer the right treatment for your car, no matter the severity of the scratches.

For car owners in Bolton, car scratch repair may seem like an easy DIY task, involving no more than a fresh lick of paint to hide the damage. However, the secret to effective car scratch repair is knowing that hiding the damage is not the only objective at play. When a car’s paint job or body is scuffed, chipped or scratched, moisture can enter the area even through most repair paints. This can lead to air bubbles under the paint and rust problems. Our expert scratch repair technicians have a tried and tested formula to repair scratches by sealing the damaged area before restoring it to its former appearance. Even right up close, there are no seam lines, discolouration or any other signs that there was ever a scratch on your car.

When it comes to major car scratch repair in Bolton, sometimes additional work is needed. We are regarded as leading car body specialists in the area and can perform any bodywork that is required to restore your car. As well as scuffs and scratches, we repair dents, chips, and more. We can also repair or replace damaged bumpers and repair alloy wheels. Contact Glass Finish today for all minor or major car scratch repair requirements. Repairing scratches is a small but important part of your car’s maintenance, so don’t delay. Sometimes all that is needed is respraying work, but if it’s panel replacements or full body restoration that is needed, we are eager to assist!

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