Bumper Repair in StandishBumper repair in Standish, like all car body repair work, is a specialised skill. You may think you can tap that dent out with a hammer. The skill comes in knowing where to tap and how hard. Get it wrong and you cause further damage that may require expensive replacement. Bumpers on today’s cars may be made from plastic, rubber, aluminium or even steel. They are designed differently on some vehicles in that they don’t span the width of the car. The bumper may cover the centre with bumper barriers on the corners. Bumpers are not designed to protect the occupant of the car.  Previous decades before fuel efficiency was an issue, bumpers were heavy. They were made of steel and chromed with a heavy application. The bumper was as wide as the car and wrapped around both corners. It extended out several inches.

These bumpers gave as good as they got. In Standish, bumper repair meant straightening the steel, sanding it down and rechrome. They could prevent damage to the front end of your car and the occupants but when they hit something else, they could do a lot of damage. Today, bumpers are still effective at their job. They sit sixteen to twenty inches from the ground and protect the grill, body, fuel tank, cooling system and exhaust at speeds from 1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour. Not much protection at high speeds but then those would be crashes not bumps. That’s the speed you are likely to be going when you back into an immovable object or get too close and bump obstacles in your forward path.

The bumper is designed to give so bumper repair in Standish is essential to get that protection back and to make your car look new again. We’re proud of the work we perform. We can fill and seal cracks and dents that occur even though upon impact, the bumper gives to lessen the blow. We sand it and match the paint to perfection. On completion the finish is smooth and clear of imperfections. Contact Glass Finish for more information about our bumper repair. We think you’ll agree our skill and attention to detail are unsurpassed by any shop in the area. Quotes are free and prices are fair.

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