Car Body Repair in HorwichWe understand that car body repair in Horwich is not exactly what you want. What you want is to turn back time so the damage to your beautiful car never happened. Right now, you feel as if the car can never be the same. To add insult to injury, you now have to make monthly payments on what was once your dream car but is now damaged goods. Some jerk running through a stop sign has ruined your life. We feel your emotional pain but we’re still thankful you are alive to tell the tale. We also think while you may be sceptical now, we will make you a believer. Our talent, skills and attention to detail can restore your pride in the value of your car. Once you see the finished repairs you will be able to forget what the car looks like now.

We know your fear of a sub-par repair is well-founded. You’ve seen the work of others in Horwich car body repair. The little ripples when the sun hits the paint just right and the orange peel paint finish that shows itself after a few months. The careless overspray, bumpers from second rate manufacturers are all too familiar. Some of the cheapest things just stun us like sagging fenders caused by cheap clips. We know, it’s insulting. We think as long as we’re doing the work anyway, we might as well secure our reputation with customers by performing superior work.

We named our car body repair in Horwich Glass Finish because that’s the standard we’ve established for ourselves. We think it’s what our customers deserve as well. Maybe a glass finish is too much to expect if the body workers aren’t up to the job but ours are. Seeing is believing and we invite you to contact us or visit us and view samples of our work. We’re convinced you’ll be impressed. Where once there was a ragged quarter panel, we will create a smooth as glass finish with perfectly matched paint. Expect a new car finish blended perfectly. We use professional quality tools and equipment to achieve the professional quality outcome.

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