Alloy Wheel Repair in BoltonIs your car’s beauty spoiled by needing alloy wheel repairs in Bolton? Our company can help you with refurbishing the alloy wheel on your car. We can repair scrapes where the wheels have brushed against the curbing as well as scratches that come from everyday use. We offer a wheel polishing and painting service so that your car wheels always look like new. This will improve the look of your whole car. Besides repairing the wheels of your car we also remove dents and scratches in the bodywork of your vehicle. Our trusted team are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of repairs to paint, body and wheels of all cars and motorbikes.

Your car is the second most expensive item you will buy. In Bolton, alloy wheel repair is sometimes necessary as they can be damaged in normal day to day travels. Cars can also be scratched by other people opening their car doors too close to your car. This is not only annoying but can be expensive. Our prices for repair such as this are modest and our fully qualified experts provide the highest standards of paint repair. It is always a good idea to get a scratch repaired as soon as possible or rust may set into the car body as most cars are made from ferrous metals.

Our company provides alloy wheel repair in Bolton. Contact Glass Finish today to make an appointment to bring your car in for a free estimate. If you have hired a car and there have been a few small incidents the rental company will charge you for repairs. This will be expensive but we offer an affordable service for repairing minor damage to rental cars before they are returned. We are qualified to do total resprays on cars and motorbikes and can carry out light and heavy body restoration on almost all vehicles. We can customise the paint job on your motor bike or just touch up the paintwork after a spill.

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