Lease Car Repairs in Manchester Use our expert lease car repairs in Manchester and avoid paying heavy penalties. At Glass Finish, our team of expert professionals can get your vehicle back to showroom looks at the end of your lease term. We believe in high quality at sensible rates, accompanied by a friendly and customer-focused approach. Maintenance, servicing and repair are essential parts of owning or leasing a car. Leased cars are usually new vehicles that haven’t been used earlier. When your lease period is less than three years, you are also saved from having to undergo the MOT as well. At the end of a lease period, the leasing brokerage firm must ensure that the vehicle meets the industry standards that are outlined in the BVLA guidelines for wear and tear.

However, the term “wear and tear” is quite ambiguous and different lease companies can interpret in different ways. In Manchester, lease car repairs and maintenance may have to be done only at garages that have recognition from the leasing company. Check whether your lease company allows your garage or not before you undertake servicing, repairs and maintenance. There are some things that you can do at home yourself to make sure that the vehicle is safe and working efficiently. Checking oil levels and window washing levels are easy to do. In general, the car should be completely roadworthy, in good running condition and safe to drive. Make sure that you don’t misplace or lose the additional keys. Regular servicing may or may not be a part of the lease contract.

Lease car repairs in Manchester done by our team of expert, experienced technicians can save you a tidy sum. For more details on how we can assist, contact Glass Finish. Before you return the leased vehicle, check the mirrors, wheels and bumpers for damage. Scratches on the windscreen can attract high penalties if they’re in the direct line of sight. Look at the bodywork  for major damage and keep a keen watch on your mileage. Go through your contract in detail at least three months ahead of return date so that you can fix the problems thoroughly.  With our expert team, you won’t have to worry about paying hefty penalties when you return your leased vehicle.

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